Mission: Promote interest and innovation in assistive technology…by building connections within our community and fostering collaborative efforts to create inclusive technology.

Role: Co-founded the hackathon in 2013 and have co-directed and expanded the program since

Overview: ATHack matches groups of MIT students with co-designers from the Cambridge/Boston community who are looking to work with students to prototype an assistive technology solution that addresses a problem they are having in their day-to-day life.  Over the course of 6 hackathons, over 400 hackers have worked on 75 projects for more than 70 community co-designers.  We emphasize collaborative development - successful technologies cannot be created in isolation from their use context.  In the realm of assistive technologies, end users (co-designers) have particularly unique experiences and knowledge.

Program Goals

•Introduce students to the fun (and challenging) design space of assistive technology
•Build connections between community members, engineers, and designers
•Inspire participants to pursue projects in the AT space in the future



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