Miscellaneous Projects

Miscellaneous Projects: Fall 2011 - June 2015 (as an MIT undergraduate student)


Autonomous color tracking raft

Spring 2014 (team project for 2.017: Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems)

Role: wrote image processing and motor control software to follow a colored ball


Force testing mechanism

Summer 2013 (sample project from iRobot internship)

Role: designed and fabricated an apparatus and procedure for testing the force required to actuate a Z-lift system from a remote telepresence robot

Optical Sensor Module

Spring 2013 (Undergraduate researcher in the MITBioinstrumentation Lab on the MICA project)

Role: designed and fabricated an optical sensor module for a modular sensor system

Turtle ROV

Spring 2013 (individual project for 2.007: Design and Manufacturing I)

Role: designed and fabricated an underwater remotely operated vehicle 

Switching Mechanism for Monorail Bike

Spring 2012 (team project project for 1.016: Design for Complex Environmental Issues)

Role: worked on a small team to design a potential switching mechanism for a monorail bike system and fabricate a prototype of the mechanism and test track


Spring 2012 (Engineers Without Borders project for a community in Nairobi, Kenya)

Role: worked with a small team on the mechanical design of a collapsible shower for use in a tenement housing area in Nairobi, Kenya