Collaborators: Tina Quach, Monique Davey

Sunny is a Facebook messenger chatbot that promotes wellbeing by strengthening connections within existing social groups. Positive social interactions have a strong, positive influence on mental health. Sunny facilitates the exchange of positivity between friends by encouraging and mediating the delivery of reflections, memories, and compliments. Sunny is unique in that it allows mediates the sharing positive messages to strengthen existing ties. In a small pilot study, users reported enjoying using the chatbot and chose to interact with Sunny more often than required for the study activities. In exit interviews, users said that Sunny encouraged them to share meaningful messages that might have been awkward to share in-person, and that they enjoyed being able to receive a compliment or boost 'on-demand'.



Narain, J.*, Quach, T.*, Davey, M.*, Park, H., Braezeal, C., and Picard, R.  "Promoting Wellbeing with Sunny, a Chatbot that Facilitaties Positive Messages within Social Groups".  Extended Abstracts of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.  *Equal Contribution.