UAV Docking and Charging System

UAV Docking And Charging System; Fall 2014-Spring 2015 (team project from 2.013-2.014: Engineering Systems Design & Development)

Goal: design a submersible docking and charging system for UAVs at sea that can surface when activated and then dock and recharge UAVs on the water surface for the Office of Naval Research

Roles: led teams of 13 and 20 students from the conceptual design stage through system fabrication and  testing

- was responsible for delegating tasks and schedule, making design recommendations and ensuring soundness of engineering decisions, and managing system integration

- worked on mechanical design of docking and deployment mechanisms (mechanism design, material selection, and wave modeling), and pressure vessel design (buoyancy calculations, external pressure vessel model, thermal model)

Overall system design of docking and charging platform; 

Left: Fabricated system that was tested in the Charles River; Right: Platform mates with UAV in the Charles River

Videos of Charles River docking and surfacing tests

Mechanical engineering team testing docking and charging platform at the MIT Sailing Pavilion